June 16, 2018

Hello again in 2018

Hello, I need your help. I must admit, this feels a little weird. After all, I haven't written on the blog for three years now - since I left it alone to concentrate on my start-up and other threads of life that needed my full-time attention back then. But here I am, sitting this Saturday morning with a cup of tea, listening to the construction site that's piped up outside my living room window. Writing a hello again post.

This blog has gone from 30,000 visits a month down to a tenth of that, which I'm still excited to see given that there's been no new content in years. Thank you to those who have continued to visit and hopefully get something from my older posts. But now is a time for radical action, and I'm finally undertaking a project that I've been dreaming of for a long time: something to help skaters around the world with one fundamental part of their skating life. Something I wish I had been able to use during my almost-twenty year career as a competitive and show skater.

But I need help from you today. What are the biggest skating hurdles you're facing right now? Are you a skating mum, or a skater yourself? Perhaps even a skating Dad.  Leave me a comment below (if you don't want me to publish your comment for all to see, that's fine, just say) or come say Hi on the FSA Facebook page now. I'll be offering a special discount code for those who helped my research in these final stages.

Happy skating!
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