September 23, 2012

Figure Skating Dress Sketch Templates

I've written quite a few posts on the subject of skating outfits and dress design now (see below), and I've been wanting to provide you all with a template dress sketch for a while. Today I finally got around to sitting down at the table and sketching out both a ladies and a girls sketch template, so you can get dress-creative even if you can't draw anything more anatomically correct than a stick-man!
I've drawn these templates without any leg and/or skirt lines, to allow you the largest freedom of imagination possible. If you were sketching from scratch, you show wouldn't draw the thighs through a skirt, so I didn't want to impose that on you all. This way you can go crazy: long skirts, short skirts, feathery skirts, asymmetrical skirts, trousers, short shorts, you name it, you can go with it ^_^

Here's a preview of the sketches, and you'll find download links below too:

Figure Skating Dress Sketch Templates
If these templates are of use to you, please send me a picture or a scan of your masterpiece, and I'll be glad and proud to post it here for all to see! See below some of my sketches using these dress templates (theoretical dresses, seeing as I'm retired... *sniff sniff*):

I was unsuccessful at hosting my files on a file-hosting site (all the sites I tried bombarded my screen with adverts and pop-ups, and I didn't want to put you guys through that!) so I have added them to a new page of this blog, that will open in a new window when you click on the links below. Just right-click on the image and choose "Save Image As" to save the file to your computer:

Child's Figure Skating Dress Sketch Template
Ladies Figure Skating Dress Sketch Template

Happy sketching, and happy skating!

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  1. Thank you SO much for sharing these! I'm just learning how to crystal my daughters' skating dresses, and having this to sketch out ideas before I start gluing will be really helpful.

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