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Having skated competitively for a total of 15 years in both ladies singles and ice dance, I took a hiatus from competition during which I toured as soloist and chorus girl for a major show (and some smaller ones too).

I am a senior standard skater with test passes in several countries, and am now retired from competition having badly injured my back, and gone back to school to earn a degree (it's amazing how little time there is when you're studying!)

In June 2014 I graduated summa cum laude in molecular biology, and I'm now based in London (UK), where I'm studying for my post-graduate degree. I try to counter the hours sat in lecture halls by keeping fit on the cross trainer, but my love of cookies and all things sweet often gets in the way! I've started my British Ice Teacher's Association level 1 coaching diploma, and hopefully I'll finish it up one of these days and gain certification.

I started this blog in 2009 with every single person in skating in mind. Not just skaters, new and veterans alike, but also mums and dads, coaches, siblings, and all the other people who contribute to a skater's career and ultimately, success. I wanted to provide a wide range of advice and information to those who are searching for it, and hope this blog will become a central place on the internet to which skating-people can always return for more advice, tips, tricks, and help.

At one point last year, I was managing to write up to one post per week, which I would release on a Saturday. I'm hoping to be able to pick up the pace again, but at the moment weekly posts are an unrealistic goal given my workload. It's much easier for me to sit down to write a post if I know that content is specifically helpful to someone, so if you have a request, please just get in touch and tell me what you need. Even though right now I can't promise X amount of posts per month, I can confidently say I'll be around.

If any of the content on this blog has been useful to you or someone you love, I would really love to hear about it ! After all, I'm writing for you.


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My headshot in the right-hand sidebar is courtesy of the incredibly talented and kind Istvan Magyar Photography, based in Edinburgh, UK.


  1. Thank you for this fantastic's great! I'm a fairly new figure skater (no jumps yet, just spins and footwork) but I'm absolutely in love with the sport. This blog is my all-time resource for any questions I ever have, from when I first started to now, so thank you for that!

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  2. This is so great that you found time in your busy life of a student ( in such a difficult major ) and start a blog for everyone who loves skating. My son skating for about 2 years now, he loves it. Thank you. :)

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  3. Hello! This blog is so helpful! I am a pretty new skater- I've been skating for about 8 months (I'm currently Freeskate 1...) and this is very helpful!

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