February 26, 2013

Be Featured on This Blog!

About a week ago I posted on my social media outlets (find us here: FigureSkatingAdvice @ Facebook, and Twitter) that to celebrate passing the 100 Like mark on Facebook, I was putting together a special little post featuring those people who made it happen!

It occurred to me that I hadn't spoken about it on the blog yet, and seeing as I want as many people involved as possible I thought I'd better write up a post! If you want to be featured on the blog, just head over to the Facebook page, Like it, and then fill in the blanks to this question:

"I got into skating because_____________, and the biggest thing skating taught me is _____________"

Let me know your answers (on the Facebook page) and also where you're from and I'll include you in the milestone post!

Until next time, thanks for your continued support of FigureSkatingAdvice.com!
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February 23, 2013

Ideas For Perfect Spirals & Biellmanns: Flexbility & Strength

Now more than ever, having amazing spirals is a points scorer, especially with the COP system in place. More and more ladies are exhibiting stunning spirals in their programs, and as such it's becoming expected on the competitive scene, no matter the level. So how can you work on getting yourself to that standard of spiral?

February 21, 2013

Stunning Figure Skating Manga

Hi guys! I know I don't usually write mid-week, mainly due to the fact that I don't get time (Saturday's post may or may not already be written... *looks guilty*) but today I had to post these stunning images, because who doesn't like a little skating related pick-me-up before the week's end, right?

For a little moment of awesomeness and relaxation, read on!

February 16, 2013

10 Things I Wish I'd Known As A Competitive Skater

You know how sometimes you think back on a situation and just think "ohh... with hindsight!"? Having a mature perspective on situations you have been through after the fact can be a frustrating feeling, so I thought that I'd put my hindsight to work for you guys today!

Read on for 10 things I wish I could've told myself as a competitive skater!

February 9, 2013

You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile

You know when the world's very best skaters step on to the ice, dazzle us with a sensational array of technical skills, passion-driven artistry, and a nice flat facial expression? Yeah, me neither. The smile is something we all take for granted in top level skaters, but every now and again someone forgets about it, and it really breaks something within the performance. That old adage "you don't miss something until it's gone" comes to mind. Read on if you want to find out why smiling isn't just important for world-class athletes, but for everyone!

February 2, 2013

A Skating Career: An Introduction To Jobs In Skating

Hi guys, I hope you're doing great this weekend. A young woman recently messaged me asking for some advice with regard to her options within the skating industry, and it got me thinking about the skating career path. I put a lot of though in to my reply, and the more I read over what I wrote, the more I thought there may be others out there who are doing some soul/job searching, and who might also benefit from an introduction to all things skating-career. So if you want to read about the 5 major ways you can craft a professional life in the world of figure skating, then read on!
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