July 1, 2010

Figure Skating Costume Ideas List

Ok, this is going to be a short post. It's more like a list of things to consider during costume conception. It's intended as an aid to designing your costume (whether you'll be making it or not), in the form of a list of styles per element of the costume (piccies included!). 
Necklines (for when there are straps)
Deep round
Deep V
High neck
Polo-neck (also known as turtle-neck)
Halter neck
More neck lines

Bust lines (for where there are no sleeves)
Deep princess
Straight line

Short (hem sits about where a t-shirt sleeve would end)
Cap (hem sits just past shoulder bone)
Half-length (hem sits just above elbow joint)
Short 3/4 length (hem sits just below elbow joint)
Long 3/4 length (hem sits mid way on the forearm
Full length (hem sits at wrist joint)
Full length w ith point (triangular point extends over the hand with elastic look to secure the point over the middle finger)
Neck lines and sleeves

Bare back
Deep round
Deep V
Flat across
Inch wide

Strap variations in back of dress
Crossed over
Multiple straps
Spider back
Laced-up (think boudoir corset style)
Upside down V
Sunshine rays

Skirt waist seams
Deep V
Asymmetric V
Rounded V

Skirt hem lines
Homogolous (at any length you want)
Homogolous with raised sides to show off the leg
Shorter at the front with back tail (ideal for dance although Michelle Kwan used to sport this)
Longer length (perfect for dance)
Very long (perfect for waltzes and foxtrots)
Asymmetrical (perfect for latin music)

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If this, or any other post, has helped you out, I would really appreciate hearing about it! Please let me know what you think, either by using the comment box below, or via Twitter (@skating_howto) or FigureSkatingAdvice @ Facebook! Thank you!

I endeavour to sketch some of these styles up and post them in this entry so make sure you come back to check them out soon!

Until your next visit, happy skating!

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