How to get subscribers on YouTube fast

How to get the first YouTube subscribers in 2020

In this article I would like to tell you about how to get the first YouTube subscribers. 

The first 100 subscribers are the hardest to get. Subscriptions to a young channel are rare, so it takes a lot of effort. The way from 0 to 100 took 2 months. I studied a lot of material and developed a clear algorithm of actions. What to do before downloading the video and after it.

Before we start, I want to clarify one thing: the goal is a smooth development with a minimum budget. It seems to me that this is the only way to understand all the nuances. Therefore, most of the actions described below will be free.

Frequency of video output and regularity

I started the YouTube channel on March 29, 2020. I published one video every week. Without interruptions. Requests from search on YouTube began to grow after about 3-4 months. Until then there were 0-1 shows per day.

Actions before the publication

* Make a description for the clip. Description should contain a key phrase (you can view them in Yandex Metrics or via VidIQ plugin).

* Find 12-15 tags on the subject of video. Tags should clearly tell you what the video is about.

* Create a snippet (video icon) that attracts attention

Checklist of actions after loading the clip

* Place the end screensavers and hints in the video

*Change video on the YouTube channel home page

*Change the end screensavers to the hints in past videos

* Change the video on the home page (if there is a site)

* Write a comment and attach it

*Place videos on in all groups and personal page

*Place video on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks

*Sit in Pinterest

*Change the link in Instagram header + make a stoporis

*Make a mailing list about new video in the database (if any).

*Send video for moderation to Google ADS (If you will be further advertised)

*Write an article on Yandex Zen and paste video there

*Place video with brief description on DRIVE2 service

Comments from other videos

This tool works 100%. The essence: to subscribe to channels with similar themes. As soon as a new video is released, you leave a comment immediately. It works best when you write about a video theme, and below you invite people to visit your channel.

The only point is that it takes a significant amount of time.

That is all. These actions helped me to recruit the first subscribers. Besides, my channel is now actively developing. I am constantly looking for new ways to attract an audience. At the moment of writing this article I have 411 subscribers. The growth is going smoothly 5-7 per day.

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