March 28, 2014

The 2014 World Figure Skating Championships

Have you guys been tuning in to Saitama, Japan, where the World Figure Skating Championships 2014 are currently being held? I haven't had a chance to catch up on any of the world action yet, for two reasons! First of all, as usual, I have a lot going on. That might sound a bit exaggerated, but I very rarely find the time to sit down for an hour or two to watch an event. The second barrier to my enjoying some skating on the TV is that the BBC is not covering the championship! *rolls eyes*

How have you all been watching? I don't want the commitment of paying for a satellite or cable TV bundle year-round so I can catch a maximum of two-events a year (because even when you pay for something like GB Eurosport here in the United Kingdom, you still don't get coverage of any of the GP or junior events), and I have just been left feeling less than satisfied with any web-based offerings! Any ideas, dearest skating reader?

In any case, I was thrilled to see that Yuzuru Hanyu took the gold in the men's event. No surprises there then. Mao made the come-back of her season (career?) after that Sochi-based disaster of a short program to deliver a score that set the new world best, out-doing the reigning ladies SP world best score set by Yuna Kim of Korea. I'm really excited for Nathalie and Fabien to be sitting in the bronze medal position after the short dance, and am willing them to a World medal with all my positive thoughts as they come off a really disappointing finish at the Olympics.

Who have your favourite performances been so far? If I can't get coverage of the whole event, I'll end up watching specific programs through YouTube, so let me know what I *absolutely must* see!

Until next time, enjoy the Worlds!

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  1. You should definitely watch Carolina Kostner's skates.
    Also, I always think she has the most stunning dresses!

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