June 28, 2010

Getting Over Dissapointment

Sometimes competitions don't go the way you wish they did. Sometimes, and this is far worse than having a bad skate, the comp goes well, and you still get bombed by the judges.

Politics and favouritism in skating isn't news, and I don't have to tell any of you hardened skaters/parents what it feels like to have truly done your best and get put at the bottom of the barrel. Why does this happen? I've been skating 14 years and I still don't know. It still crushes me when it does (and it happened recently, which is probably where I got the idea for this post).
A few of my favourite hypotheses;

Regional/Club Pettiness
Where you come from matters. Period.

Internal politics
That other skater has been doing this circuit longer and we really should put her up there at some point. Besides, you've only been here 5 years, gonna have to keep at it I'm afraid!

The old timer judges don't take particularly well to too-original a programme.

I could be completely wrong on one or all of those points, and it really doesn't matter. Skaters and parents need to concentrate on how to get back up from a punch in the chest. It's going to happen at somepoint, if it hasn't already, that's skating.

My first reaction is anger, and then thorough dissapointment. Followed by a peppering of despondent. So what fixes me? A good moan to coach, (and my mother too if I'm honest), a few days off (to relax, and concentrate on something else like organic chemistry! Yes life goes on outside the rink), and then that first glorious session back. I love that session. It's a sort of reward, for all the hard work.

I tell myself it's going to be an easy-going session. I get on the ice, and melt into it. My blades feel like they're merging into the ice and my legs become heavy, eyes closed, faced turned into the flow of the wind. I feel tired and my arms are filled with lead. That lasts about 10 minutes. It's enough to remind me why I skate; I love the ice. I love the feeling it gives me, the cold wind, and all the other corny nonsense. So I start to move again, and stick a compulsory dance or 3 on the audio system. I'm away again, working hard. I can't help myself!

How do you deal with a skating dissapointment? I'd really like to hear your quirks and ideas on this subject!!

Have any questions, want to know more, don't agree? Please leave me a comment!

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