June 6, 2010

A guide to everything in the universe of Figure Skating

This blog is an attempt to group together a useful and broad set of articles related to the sport of figure skating, in a "how-to" format.

We are all bombarded with blogs, sites, information, articles and peoples' opinions of varying expertise, but as of yet there is no one-stop-shop for concise no-frills information regarding fundamental matters we all come across at some point while participating in our glittering sport.

That said, I'm no expert. And who cares what I think, right? Well, I suppose we'll find that out soon enough. I'm simply going to write about things I have experienced during my life in figure skating, in a manner which presents what I have learned in an attempt to pass on my tried-and-tested nuggets of information.

Thank you for reading and... happy skating!

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