August 25, 2010

How to: Not Die Of Boredom At The Ice Rink!

Seasoned skating parents have got it down to a fine art, and how best to spend time during your child's practice session is going to be different for each individual. What's common to all of us though is the fairly obvious; cold and humid conditions for hours on end, and a million and one things that need doing at home and/or at work! Heck, I often feel like this and I'm not even a parent. So how can new comers to our sport find a way to make this 'dead time' work for them?

If you're of fragile health, stash yourself away
somewhere more body-friendly. If the cafeteria is open great. If not, maybe there are changing rooms available to you to keep you out of that humid rink fog atmosphere. I know if I sit in the stands for 30mins I get seriously chesty.

Make sure you wrap up warm! See this post on staying warm at the rink for tips and tricks!

T ake work with you. If you are lucky enough to do something quite transportable, and/or do
something that

doesn't require you being at the office then make the most of this time without the noise of the kids and the dog barking it's head off and hubby wanting dinner! You can transform your rink time into work time and finish that niggling project, which means more time for yourself when you get home. Phew!

Make useful notes for the day ahead, or plan your weeks programme/school runs/shopping lists. Prioritise your life so later on when you don't have dead time on your hands, you know where you're up to. I tend to have a bit of a passion for list-making as it just makes me feel far more in control of my life.

Shopping lists, chore lists, to do lists, timetables, notes for other family members to not forget certain important events, financial planning, birthday/Xmas present ideas lists. The possibilities are endless.

Y o u time. Well you run 'round ragged all day, between your job, the family, the house and skating, and who knows what other activities. So it's no surprise you don't get to the beauty salon every week like the ladies of luxury we'd become if we suddenly won the lottery (hey, a girl can dream right?!). So make that time for yourself. Ok so the rink might not be the most appropriate place to slap on a green clay mask and cucumber slices. But what about a manicure? All you need is a small wash-bag with nail file, hand cream, buffer, rosewood stick (or any other cuticle pusher), cuticle cutter, and optional polish. 30mins of pure self indulgent bliss, and you'll have feminine looking hands for the rest of the week too! Result! Other 'you time' ideas could include slathering your feet in a rich body butter and then placing them into pure cotton socks (this helps the skin soak up all the moisture and your feet will feel sooo soft afterwards), or maybe bringing a base oil (grape-seed and sweet almond are the most popular) and massaging your neck and shoulders yourself in the privacy of the bathrooms to relieve some of that tension. Add essential aromatherapy oils for added bonuses. Learn which ones do what here.

Crafts. If you're the crafty type then there is no better time to get out your projects and concentrate on them without the distractions of daily life. This is the perfect time to knit that sweater, or finish that cross-stitch.

Crafts make such wonderful birthday and Xmas gifts, and with only 18 weeks left 'til Xmas now (yes really, sorry guys!) you could be doing some of the gifts while you sit.  Genius!

The point is, the rink doesn't have to be a chore for onlookers. Of course there's always the chance you might like to watch the skaters some time too, if you can fit it into your busy schedule ;)

If you have any favourite tips, tricks or past times to share please do so by telling us all about how you manage rink-time in a comment!

Have any questions, want to know more, don't agree? Please leave me a comment!

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