June 26, 2012

4 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Boots Shinier For Longer

You just bought that new pair of boots. They're lying there, on their sides, in the box that smells of fresh cardboard. You leave the box open on your bedroom floor, and glance at the smooth leather, the perfectly formed hooks, the rich brown sole. *sigh*

I just love a pair of new boots (not that I've had any for a while now, and don't plan on it either)! They seem to symbolise a new beginning, a renewal of faith in yourself, and undying motivation to chase after those dreams. So what can be done to keep those little gems from becoming quite frankly disgusting, over the next few months?

Obviously the intensity with which you train will have a direct impact on the state of your equipment, but whether you're an occasional ice lover or seasoned veteran, these tips are easy to follow and beneficial to all. Whether you're a guy or a gal will influence the speed at which your boots begin to look grubby, naturally, as black boots will show up less dirt and damage than will their white counterparts. And of course, there's beige too!

So let's take a look at three easy ways to keep your booties looking sharp for longer! Here we go.

1. Tape 'em up!
Get yourself some thick woven tape from the pro ice sports shop. I use the type hockey players wind around their sticks. Sitting down, wedge your boot between your legs with the front of the boot facing your knees. Now start your roll of tape, and stick down the edge left of the centre stitching which runs down the front of the boot, and cut the tape right of this stitching. Now continue on around all the susceptible areas of the boot: front, inside heel, and inside ankle area.

This technique will absorb scuffs and general rink dirt, leaving the leather (or other synthetic boot material, depending on your make and model!) clean and tidy. Although the taping method may not protect fully against deep cuts, it can help to guard against boot abrasions too, keeping them spangly for longer (don't know about you, but I hate gaping ruts in my boots' upper!

*NEW VIDEO* If you would like to see how to tape your skates, click here for a video I filmed of this method!

2. Clean regularly!
Yeah, I know. Chore, right? Well, I'm afraid it'll really keep those tootsies looking tip-top for longer. Couple with the taping method for the best results. By cleaning your boots outer layer at regular intervals (once a month, once every 2 months, whatever you can realistically keep up) you'll keep grime build-up at bay, meaning your boots are less likely to suffer permanent engrained dirt marks. I used to groan at embedded black scuff marks along the inside heel areas of my boots, created from many hundreds (thousands even, surely?) of dance crosses and general rink-side gunge.

For some nifty cheap cleaning information, see item 2 on this list.

3. Store your boots right!
Skate bags containing everything but the kitchen sink, grimy old metal lockers, car boots, garages, the list goes on. When storing your skates, they can be exposed to a lot of roughness. Dirt, sharp objects (screw-driver in the skate bag anyone?) and proximity to heavy objects can inflict all kinds of fresh trouble on your booties, so storage is a key issue in conservation of one's skates.

I see many skaters now using dedicated bags for their skates; one drawstring bag per boot. These are often made out of soft plush or velvet fabrics, and give a touch of luxury to the everyday rink slog. Although a lovely item to have, these can be costly and are not essential for the correct treatment of boots during transit or storage. Using two medium-sized towels will work wonderfully well, and if tucked into the tops of the boots post-training session, can help absorb some of the humidity from the boot linings, helping to keep them smelling fresh and nicely padded for longer.

4. Boot covers
Personally, honestly, I'm not a fan. And those over-the-boot tights give me nightmares. But, yes, they do protect boots during training. A great protective addition to all the above techniques to keep your boots lookin' shiny for longer.

How about you? What is your top tip for keeping your boots looking great? 
Have any questions, want to know more, don't agree? Please leave me a comment!


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