June 8, 2013

A Complete Guide to Figure Skating Tights

Today I made a little graphic for the FigureSkatingAdvice Facebook page, having been inspired by my many hours traipsing through thousands of posts on Tumblr, and seeing many cute little graphics that had been handmade with free graphics software, simply displaying pretty typefaces, quotes, and wise words. My creation was based around a few of the things I used to do in the month of June, as the season pulls to an end and skaters across the world take stock, analyse how things are going, and where they want to be headed next season.

The summertime is the ideal opportunity for skaters to start concocting new programs, listening out for new pieces of music, and when the time is right, to start those important costume sketches. If you follow my blog, you'll know I have written quite extensively on the subject of costume design, and if you want to view some of my most-read materials on the subject, click here for a list of posts.

Although I've looked at the subject of skating dress and men's costume design many times, I realise that another hugely important accessory which should not be neglected and can contribute strongly to the over-all skater's look was as yet left neglected: tights. If you want to find out all about figure skating tights, then follow me! *jumps out of chair* (OK so when I say "follow me", I mean click the "keep reading" button...)

June 10, 2012

How To: Use 5 Everyday Products To Make Your Skating Life Easier

Yes, I know. Skating, and skating-related products cost an absolute small fortune. Your annual budget could probably feed the population of a small developing country for a month. So any little suggestion to keep your feet from wandering into pro skating shops, and those all important £££ / $$$ (replace with relevant currency) in your bank account, you'll take it, right? I know I would have.

So here are three products which can be bought from non professional skating shops, which will make your (rink) life easier.
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