November 30, 2012

Time Out From Revision To Say "Hello!"

Hello lovely readers!

I wanted to take a few minutes out from my exam revision to say hello, and wish you all a wonderful start to this weekend, which is extra special in that it marks the beginning of the magical month of December!

I don't know about you, but I get very excited at the twinkling lights and Christmas carols taking over the shops, and homes, at this time of year. Will you be getting up to anything holiday-season this weekend? I'm hoping to get our Christmas tree up, and adorn it with the baubles we've been collecting for the past 4 years now (including one we bought in Hawai'i on honeymoon this summer! Very excited for that!).

Photo 1: My over-zealous note-taking
Photo 2: Bracing myself against the sub-zero temperatures here in Scotland
Photo 3: It's night-time by the time I leave the library

I won't be able to fully relax (and get back to blogging all my fresh new ideas!) until my exams are over, however. Believe it or not I am sitting an exam in the last slot (finishing at 7.30pm!) on the last day of the exam session! So I'll be at the books for the next 2 weeks in an attempt to do myself proud, and earn extra mince-pie points ^_^

Until then, I'll try to keep the Facebook page more or less sprinkled with tid-bits, and of course don't forget to come and follow me over at Twitter too!

So here's wishing you my lovely reader, a wonderful, magical, start to December!

Until my life resumes normal service, keep calm and put cinnamon on everything!

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