March 29, 2013

Ashley Wagner Answers My Question On Disappointment

Yesterday espnW held a Q&A session on Twitter with USA's Ashley Wagner, and called out for questions to Tweet to Ashley. Of course, never one to miss an opportunity to get insight into the workings of a champion's mind (for both myself, and my readers!) I went ahead and Tweeted a question, knowing that the chances of being picked for these things are kind of slim.

ESPN ended up chosing 4 Tweets to ask Ashley, and mine was one of them! Whoopee! So I thought I'd post it here too for those of you who aren't following me on Twitter (hopefully this will spur you on to do so! Come on over and check out my Tweets: 

Here is my Tweet for Ashley:

"How do you pick yourself up after a disappointment? Thanks! XOXO"

And here's what she replied:

You'll notice on my "About Me"page that I talk about cookies too... so clearly this is a girl after my own heart ^_^!

But in all seriousness, I think Ashley is really on to something with her attitude of trying to understand what went wrong, while all the time moving towards the future and focusing on what's to come, not what's in the past.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this little insight into her skating mind as much as I enjoyed being answered by her!

Until tomorrow, have a great Friday!
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