March 10, 2013

FigureSkatingAdvice Facebook Page Reaches 100 Likes!

Ok so today I've got a post that's dear to my heart, because a couple of weeks ago, we made it past the 100 Likes milestone over on the FigureSkatingAdvice Facebook page!

Needless to say I am incredibly thrilled and thankful to all my wonderful readers for their support, so in celebration of this, I decided I wanted to put together a special post featuring some of my readers who also Like the Facebook page, as a THANK YOU for their support!

I launched a little status update asking my "Likers" to fill in the blanks to a question, and wanted to post their answers as a testament to the wonderful versatility of skating. Getting to know my readers more, what got them in to skating, and what they take away from the rink was a great experience, and one I want to share with you all! So see below for those answers I received on the Facebook page!

The fill-in-the-blanks I asked my "Likers" to complete was as follows:

"I got into skating because_____________, and the biggest thing skating taught me is _____________"

And here are the answers...

Emily from Colorado  ♥
I got into skating because: my favourite aunt would watch it when I was little. I loved skating because she loved it.
The biggest thing skating taught me is: to have patience. I don't take skating lessons yet but know I 
will soon.

♥  Nancy from Portland, OR  ♥
I got into skating because: I had been a fan forever and I needed something to do for exercise. 
The biggest thing skating taught me is: you're never too old to learn to skate.

Dawn from Los Angeles 
I got into skating because: it was supposed to be therapy after a stroke. I had always wanted to take lessons as a child but never had the time or money. The MD told me to do something that would work both sides of my body.
The biggest thing skating taught me is: patience and persistence pays off.

Joshua from Sunny Isles, FL  ♥
I got into skating because: of Surya Bonaly.
The biggest thing skating taught me is: it isn't always a fair sport - a beautiful sport, but not always fair!

Juliette  ♥
I got into skating because: I needed to build up some strength and balance after a short illness, and then became addicted!
The biggest thing skating taught me is: it's never too late to reach for your dreams.

Louise from Auckland, New Zealand  ♥
I got into skating because: it was something I'd always wanted to do but didn't think I could, and decided to give it a go one day.
The biggest thing skating taught me is: to never give up - with patience, it will come.

Linda from Edinburgh, United Kingdom  ♥
I got into skating because: my mum didn't want me and my friend in primary school just sitting about watching TV after school.
The biggest thing skating taught me is: persistence leads to success, fall get up and try again. In skating and in life!

Samantha from Rock Springs, WY  ♥
I got into skating because: of my daughter 4 years ago. I never knew it came with sooo much drama, not from the girls but sadly from parents. I stay in it for my daughter who loves the sport and wants to grow up to be a coach and to help as many other little girls achieve their dreams on the ice.
The biggest thing skating taught me is:

Liz  ♥
I got into skating because: my mom is Russian, and that's what Russians do. 
The biggest thing skating taught me is: skating taught me what a real passion is and to always fight for something you love, even when you are against all odds.

We also got a lovely reply from ♥  Cassie from Postdam, NY  ♥, who didn't fill in the blanks, but who did tells us a little about herself! She's been in the figure skating business for >35 years now, and said that "little did she know growing up that skating would become a career. I now own Northern Ice and Dance".

I want to say a massive thank you to all my lovely readers, for whom I write! Whether you are a skater, a parent, a coach, a supporter, a friend, a fan, or you play any other role in skating, the sport is thriving and growing thanks to YOUR passion! Your passion and enthusiasm is the reason I keep writing new tips and tricks for the world of skating, and I'm looking forward to many more milestones shared with you guys over the coming weeks, months, and years!

Sending you all hugs and good vibes for happy skating lives!

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