March 4, 2013

Figure Skating "Tips Of The Day" Now On Twitter

Have you seen those images across the internet, entitled "life hacks", which seem to be exponentially proliferating lately, and which illustrate all manner of quick short-cuts, tips, and tricks you can apply to your everyday life to make things just a little easier, and more pleasurable? If you haven't you only have to Google the term to see how massive a "thing" life hacks have become. And it got me thinking. Why not "skating hacks"?! Imagine having those little insider nuggets of information that would make your skating life a little bit easier?

In the spirit of this, I've started a daily Tweet which always start with "Tip of the day", or "TOTD", and which include one bite-size tip or trick to help you out in your skating life. They're not all "hacks" as such, but also include pieces of advice on a wide variety of topics.

So if you're not already doing so, come and follow me on Twitter to get your daily dose of skating hacks and advice, for an easier skating life!

I might compile my "tips of the day" into blog posts on a weekly or monthly basis, although I'm not sure yet how interested y'all are in that, so if you feel like this is something you'd like to see (or not, for that matter) then let me know, will you? It would be a massive help in bettering the blog, so it's filled with the things you want and need to help your skating life!

Until next time, keep on skating Tweeting!

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